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Being a mom is hard! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Being a mom to a baby or young children can be even harder! Sleep deprivation is rough! Being a working mom seems to be the hardest still! Working, trying to raise a child, and keeping a household running is a huge challenge! There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day or enough cups of coffee to get it all done. However, being a mom, a teacher, and a blogger I have found some tricks that seem to make it a little bit easier. Here are 5 Time Management Tips for Busy Moms!
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Time Management Tip #1: Have a Schedule

This is by far the easiest way I have found to manage my time. Know which chores you do on which days. Don’t deviate. Stick to your plan. It will give you some control over your crazy life. Find a schedule that works and stick to it! If you would like to download my free ebook with some schedule templates you can grab it below!

Time Management Tip #2: Enlist Help

There are two ways you can get help. One is the good old-fashioned way. Hire someone. For example, I have Instacart do all my shopping! I pay for Instacart Express which is a yearly fee that then gets you unlimited grocery delivery! All you have to do is tip your driver! I have saved SO MUCH TIME having my groceries delivered! The best thing about Instacart is they will shop multiple stores in my area including drugstores, health food stores, and even Costco! It is the literal best! 

Having someone clean your house once a week, twice a month, or once a month is also going to go a long way in easing your burden.

During my busiest weeks at work, we try to budget for someone to come in and clean our house for us. We don’t do this very often because there are other things we would rather spend our money on, however, when we do I can almost feel a physical load lift from my shoulders.

Too bad houses get dirty again.

The other way you can enlist help is a little unconventional… get your husband on board. GASP!

I can hear you already,

“But he works and is tired when he gets home!”

“He’s the breadwinner!”

“He won’t do it!”

“He’s bad at it!”

“He’ll grumble and say I’m nagging him!”

Well, I have said this before on my blog and I will say it again, if women are going to be equal partners in the workforce and contributing to the finances of the household then men need to be equal partners in the management of a household.

Have you seen the statistics that women do on average, 60% more of the unpaid tasks related to running a household? Ew. Not okay.

Well, this isn’t the case in my house. And it shouldn’t be in yours either! You know why? Because your children are watching how you and your husband interact! If you are working and doing the majority of the housework your children are seeing that. Children reflect what they see. If you don’t want your daughter being responsible for working and the majority of the housework as an adult then be an example to her now about how an equal partnership can look. Likewise, if you want your son to be an equal participant in the household for his wife then be an example now!

Because of this, I want to raise my daughter to expect that her husband will be an equal partner in the household and, if, I have sons in the future I want them to see my husband acting as an equal partner in the household.

However, this is all easily said in theory, but what I have learned is that my husband can’t read my mind. He needs a little guidance on all the things that need to be done to keep our house running.

Lucky for you my husband and I developed a little workbook for you to begin your discussion on household chores and sharing the mental load. Download it for free below!

Time Management Tip #3: Batch Similar Tasks Together

Work smarter, not harder. If you are making one baby food meal try making 4 at once. See my post here. If you are tidying up the kitchen, do a quick pass of the living room also Clean all household surfaces at once. You get the idea.

Tip #4 Use Chunks of Time Wisely

The first thirty minutes after my daughter goes to sleep I work my butt off. My husband works his butt off too because as I mentioned in tip #2 we are equal partners in the household. (It wasn’t always like this but we worked on it) My daughter goes to sleep at 7 pm every night. From 7pm-7:30 My husband and I are like tornados in our house. We get lunches packed, kitchen cleaned, and we each do one larger chore such as cleaning the bathroom, folding laundry, or vacuuming. We get everything finished so that we can then get ready for bed and finally put our feet up by 8:00. This small 30-minute ritual has done wonders for the management of our household.

Tip #5: Don’t leave a Messy House

This is a tip I got from Brooke over on She said once on Instagram that they always clean everything up before they leave the house. I think these are words to live by! If you get in the habit of always cleaning up your mess before you leave the house then your messes are never going to get out of hand! She’s so smart! This one little tip has made a huge difference in our lives. There are my 5 time management tips for busy moms. What am I missing? What are your great tips and tricks for surviving the crazy whirlwind of motherhood? Let me know if the comments below!

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