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Making a Halloween costume… ugh. If you’ve been with me for a while then you know that I am not a “do-it-yourselfer”. Like at all. I don’t like projects, I don’t like messes, and I don’t feel fulfilled in making something myself. I mean, honestly, why would I ever spend hours trying to make a half-assed version of something I could just buy on Amazon for cheap? This comes as quite a shock for people who know my family. My family is the biggest group of creative people you will ever find. However, when it comes to creativity I am definitely the black sheep of my family.

But that’s okay because I love me some Amazon! Amazon allows me to shop for last minute gift ideas, household items, and even HALLOWEEN COSTUMES! It’s awesome!

As an Amazon Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases. 

So, if you are like me and are looking for easy Halloween costumes for your baby girl, then look no further than my round-up of easy Halloween costumes. Better yet you can grab them off of Amazon and have them in two days! Perfect for the last minute moms like myself!

Baby Strawberry 

This adorable strawberry costume comes with a striped long sleeve onesie, a strawberry bubble suit and a strawberry cap. Wear it with the long sleeve onesie and you are all set for a crisp Halloween evening. Wear it without the striped onesie and you are ready for a warm Halloween evening! Perfect for any climate! The material is a cotton blend which will be super comfortable for your little one to wear. Your baby is sure to get lots of compliments in this adorable fruit inspired costume!


Baby Lamb

This Baby Lamb outfit is the cutest cuddliest Halloween costume ever! It has a chenille body and hood. This is the perfect costume to show off your baby girl’s sweet side! The great thing about this costume is you can add a long sleeve onesie and tights if you live in a colder area or wear as is if your Halloween evening is expected to be warm! Reviews suggest that it runs small so you might want to size up if you choose to go this direction.

Baby Cappuccino Costume 

If you are looking for a costume that is a little less predictable go for the Baby Cappuccino Costume! Perfect if you are want to capitalize on your reputation as a coffee addict! You are sure to get some chuckles especially if you dress up as a barista with this apron!


Baby Dragon

This little dragon onesie is so adorably cute. I am tossing around buying it for my daughter to wear in general and not just for Halloween! I love that this is not your typically girly princess Halloween costume! Perfect for a strong baby girl with a lot of personality! It’s a cotton blend so it will be super comfortable for baby to wear while trick or treating with older siblings. It also has a hood which is perfect for a crisp Halloween evening! The full-length zipper will make diaper changes a breeze! Sizes come in 0-18 months.



Baby Pumpkin

Okay, let’s be real. Is there anything cuter than the classic pumpkin costume? This was a real contender when I was picking out my daughter’s first Halloween costume. The only reason I didn’t decide to get this is that I wanted to match my daughter on her first Halloween and I personally, didn’t want to be a pumpkin. If I wasn’t dressing up with her I would have been team pumpkin all the way. It is just too cute to pass up!


Minnie Mouse

Last but certainly not least, good old Minnie Mouse! I went for the traditional Minnie Mouse Halloween costume for my daughter’s first Halloween. I couldn’t resist how cute I knew she would look with those cute Minnie Mouse ears and her dark brown hair. The little tutu skirt was adorable and I was able to find a similar tutu! We will be completing the look with some eyeliner on our noses and whiskers to match!



There you have it! 6 of the cutest Halloween costumes for a baby girl! What are you dressing your baby up as this Halloween? Let me know in the comments below!

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